Two Boys in a Balcony

IT (2017)

September 11, 2019

Everything floats in the balcony... because we put root beer and ice cream on it! Hey! It's the longest goddamn episode of this very fun and popular podcast and CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BALCONY BOYS! It only took 13 episodes till we finally made one that was longer than the movie we watched! It's a spooky one today because we're talking about the 2017 re-adaptation of Stephen King's IT directed Andy Muschietti, just in time for the sequeal IT Chapter Two to hit theaters. We tackle all the big issues. What's different from the book? What's different from the 1990 mini-series? Can you handcuff a moose? Has Sean ever read a book in his life? Who can say? IT stars Bill Skarsgaard, a red balloon, 11,000 little kids, and a can of perafin wax.