Two Boys in a Balcony

The Stranger

July 24, 2019

Grab a bucket of scrap paper and head to the woods. Today in the Balcony, we're talking the 1946 forgotten classic the Stranger, directed and starring Orson flipping Welles. Hey who reupholstered all the chairs up here? It's looking classy as shit in the balcony. Have you ever suspected that your teacher at your prestigious prep academy might be a Nazi? Well have we got a film for you. The Stranger stars Orson Welles, Edward G Robinson, Loretta Young, an annoying pharmacist, a dog of indeterminate color, and an obsession with clocks that borders on mania. Join America's Dumbest Film Critics as we audition to replace whoever hosts the movies on Turner Classic Movies. Is it Robert Osborne? WATCH YOUR BACK, OSBORNE!