Two Boys in a Balcony

IT Chapter Two (2019)

September 18, 2019

Welp nothing floats forever. This week in the balcony, the boys bid a fond farewell to Derry, ME with their most recent movie yet, 2019's IT Chapter Two. The boys gathered the balconeers and headed to the cinema on opening night and will recount you with their tale of surviving a two hour and fifty minute sequel. How much popcorn is too much? Where should you deposit the excess? Would you believe that the key to defeating an ancient cosmic evil is to study with the Roastmaster General Jeff Ross? IT Chapter Two stars Professor X, Miss Sloane, Stefon, Ziggy, a guy on a horse, another guy, and Pennywise the damn dancing clown. Just call us angel of the balcony! It's Two Boys in a Balcony. Pray for us!



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